Join Us!


 We are always looking for dedicated TEAM players! If you are interested in joining our unit and meet our basic requirements, please fill out our Google Form application below. If you have any questions about our application process, please feel free to join our TeamSpeak and we will do our best to answer them.

Steps to Joining:

1. Submit Application. Fill out all fields. If you don’t have time to expand on the fields then we don’t have time for you.

2. Download Mods:
(How to Download Our Mods)

3. Jump into our “Charlie Server” to ensure your mods are setup correctly (IP:  Port: 2320)

4. Jump into our Teamspeak 3 Server and join in! ( )


Age: 17+ years old

Commitment: Consistently make Operations Night* (Sundays 2030 EST) & Training Night (Tuesdays 2100EST).

*real life always comes first, however there is no point in joining the team if you can not make these events regularly.